Second-hand furniture delivery.
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Second-hand furniture delivery

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Never stress about transporting bulky items again

Looking for second-hand furniture delivery for your purchases? Cobber is here for you every step of the way. Connect with a reliable delivery driver in minutes for an affordable solution to move your items from A to B, whether it's a purchase from Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, or elsewhere.


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For drivers

Earn what you want.
Work when you want.

Want to earn extra cash from your ute, van or trailer, or do you already have a delivery side hustle? Cobber connects you directly with the people who need items delivered. It’s never been easier to find profitable delivery jobs where you can choose your own hours.

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Why cobber?

Creating connected communities

Cobber is more than a second-hand furniture delivery platform. We’re creating a community of ‘mates helping mates’…connecting people who need to transport large second-hand items with drivers who have the capacity to do so.

By removing the barriers to participating in the second-hand marketplace, our ultimate aim is to create more inclusive and sustainable communities.



Cobber is a huge relief to myself and many.

We have all had that dreaded dilemma of wanting to make a purchase from an online marketplace or other platform and knew that we didn't have the right resources to collect it.
Cobber is that solution, that resource, that peace of mind

Jordan L.


Cobber makes it far easier to use second-hand items, with the subsequent environmental benefits.

Cobber’s flexibility with delivery times and days of the week, means it can be used when browsing garage sales and markets.

I’m really excited about this service and the convenient new options it will provide!

Kate H.


Cobber is such a great solution when using platforms like marketplace to obtain household goods at affordable prices.

As a peer to peer platform, it is also a way to earn a second income as a driver.

Brilliant initiative. A problem that needed solving is now at our fingertips.

Danny L.

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